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What is Life Insurance?

Until it is baptized with tears, a Life Insurance Policy is just a piece of paper.

Then it becomes a miracle…

It is food, clothing, shelter, education and peace of mind.

It is new hope, fresh courage and strength.

It is your hopes and dreams for your family.

It is the sincerest love letter ever written.

~Attributed to Jack Leterman, Depression Era Insurance Salesman

Term Life Insurance

There a many different types of Life Insurance, but Term Insurance is what most people choose while raising a family.  Term insurance works exactly as the title states. The coverage is good for the term, 10, 15, 20, 30 years.  When the term is over, the plan goes away, if you are still living.  However, it is inexpensive, and you can choose high face values.  So in the event of a untimely death, you can protect the ones you love by paying off the mortgage, supplementing a lost income, or covering future college expenses.  As brokers we work to find you the least expensive coverage and work with many "A" or higher rated companies.  Contact us one if us today for a quote.  Mike  303-591-8788  or Andrea 303-699-2026.