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Are you turning 65?   Are you disabled or have a chronic condition that qualifies you for medicare?  If so, you can apply for your Medicare Part A and B Right Here.   Once you have received your Red, White and Blue Medicare Card, we can help you understand your options further.

Did you know that Medicare will only cover a portion of your medical bills?  You need to meet deductibles and you have to pay co-insurance.  And there are no caps to your out of pocket!  Original Medicare Part A will cover some hospital expense and Medicare Part B will cover some outpatient expenses, but it is important to have a Stop-Loss cap.  We are help with Part C, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements, which supplement Medicare parts A and B.  By adding a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement plan, you can reduce your exposure to the high cost of health care!  We can also help with Part D, the Prescription Drug Coverage. 

The main options are Medicare Supplement, which is NOT a Part C and Medicare Advantage Plans, which can be either HMO's or PPO's.  If you choose a Supplement Plan, you will also need a separate drug plan.  Medicare Advantage plans generally incorporate the prescription drug coverage into the medical plan itself.  We can help you choose the one that will best fit your needs.

Other Part C options we can help with are, Dual Eligible Plans (if you qualify for Medicare and Medicaid), and plans that can supplement your current Tri-Care medical services.  The cost for Medicare Advantage plans can be as low as $0/month!  No matter what Medicare solution you select you are required to pay your Part B premium to keep the plans in-force.