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Medical Cost Sharing

How Would You Feel If  You Could Have Control of Your Health Care Costs?

My Academy of Health Excellence is a community of health focus individuals and families dedicated to reducing their medical costs by being the healthiest them that they can be.

The foundation of any program designed to help CONTROL Medical Costs should be to AVOID them. This is accomplished with Education and our state-of-the-art Wellness Program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 86% of annual health care expenditures are for the treatment of chronic disease.  Chronic disease is responsible for 81% of all hospital admissions; 91% of filled prescriptions; and 76% of doctor visits.  A significant portion of these expenditures can be prevented, delayed or alleviated by eliminating three risk factors:  poor diet, inactivity and smoking.  This could result in the elimination of 80% of heart attacks and strokes; 80% of type 2 diabetes; and 40% of cancers.  This is NOT INSURANCE but rather association Members helping each other for large medical needs.  See how this can work for you below and then watch the video to learn more.


Learn more about cost sharing by clicking on the video below!