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Hospital Indemnity


Whether you have a Group, Individual or Medicare Advantage Health plan, there are additional costs to you. Even with the best primary insurance plan, when you're hospitalized for an injury or illness, there will probably be additional medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs.  A hospital indemnity insurance plan provides a Cash Benefit that allows you to use as you see fit.  You choose the lump sum benefit, $1500 to $5000 and you will be paid regardless of any other insurance you may have.  This can help you toward meeting a daily fee in the hospital, a deductible, or perhaps a hotel for your loved ones.  You can also choose optional coverage for such things as, outpatient rehabilitation, ambulance transportation or skilled nursing facility benefits.  We are here to help you find the right solution! This type of plan can help cover deductible, co-pays and co-insurance for Medicare Advantage Plans, Individual or Group plans.

The plans we offer have No Deductible, No Precertification and No Network of Hospitals and you can receive a 7% household discount in some instances.

Please contact either Mike 303-591-8788  or Andrea 303-699-2026 and let us PROTECT YOUR FUTURE with this type of plan.