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Cash Value Life Polices 

Why Cash Value Life Insurance? 

One of the greatest investors of our day, Warren Buffett, has been quoted as saying, “Rule number one is never lose money. Rule number two is never forget rule number one.”

In a book by Jake Thompson, he states that “America is falling victim to a deadly lie. We’ve been conned into believing that in order to achieve our goals we must invest our hard earned money into the complex, misleading, unproven theories of Wall Street; that we must put our faith in large Wall Street firms to guess correctly, which stocks will perform."  According to Crestmont Research,  crestmontreseach.com, the S&P 500 earned actual returns (before management fees and taxes) of 0% in the past 5 years and 2% in the last 10 years. "You’ll have to go back 20 years to hit of 7% annual returns.”

Is there a better way to plan for your retirement? The GOOD NEWS  is YES, and that is by the use of cash value life insurance.

A case study, by Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company, showed the performance of 3 life policies from 1980-2013. The internal rate of return for each of these policies were 5.65%, 6.02%, and 6.22%. The case study also showed that life insurance average returns were 6%! That means, if you are in the 30 percent tax bracket, there is a 8.6% return because you are not taxed on the growth when you loan this money to yourself!  

Some of the great features of cash value life insurance are:

  • Allows for INCOME FOR LIFE
  • You Participate in Upside of Market, Not Downside growing TAX FREE
  • Access to YOUR $ with no Government Intervention, if used properly
  • You can access funds at any time and for any reason, and without penalty before 59 1/2!! 
  • Potentially Tax Free
  • You can start these plans at birth for minimal premium and signficant cash value in adulthood. Leave a legacy!
  • You avoid probate at death.
  • Tax Free Benefit to Loved Ones at Death!

The icing on the cake, it is not considered taxable income in retirement, unlike other retirement options!  

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